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Extend Stress-pause-fill ups in the day to day routine

In the topic “How I made my child speak using Nursery Rhymes” I explained how I used the stresses and pauses to encourage my child to recite the Nursery Rhymes. Here I am going to explain how I adopted the same method for the day to day routines. That is to make him learn words that are used in day to day routines.
To accomplish this I observed the day to day routines he was used to at that point of time. I also tried to segregate the routines he was very interested or liked very much. Some examples are taking bath, drinking milk, going to park, saying bye bye to his dad when my husband leaves to office, watching me cook etc. All these were his favourite routines.
To start with I selected some 10 to 15 routines the way I have mentioned above and made some standard phrases for each routine like
  1. Daddy bye bye
  2. Let’s go Park
  3. Mamma is cooking
  4. I want milk
Whenever the routine happened, I kept mentioning the phrases and also flashed a relevant picture card. It could be the picture of a park or the picture of his sipper from which he used to drink the milk. After some time when that routine was about to happen, I just flashed the card, said part of the phrase like “I want….”. If he missed to say the word, I prompted him or filled it by the correct word “Milk” and proceeded with the routine. In course of time he started saying the word and eventually the full phrase. I also gradually faded the flash card.
I list down some examples
  1. Mamma is “Cooking”(Asked when what was I cooking)
  2. daddy is “Eating”
  3. You are “Eating”
  4. Mamma is “Eating”
  5. Mamma is “Cutting”(Asked when I used to cut the vegetables.
Since above actions are routines and I asked while it was happening, my son picked up very fast. This helped him to learn action words in later. And also he generalised without any problem.
Since my goals are very close to the day to day routines, it helped me to prepare him for the routine also.
I applied the same thing for Body Part also. After my son learnt parts of the body I took targets like
  1. you see with your “eyes” etc.
Then the objects like
  1. you write with “pen”
  2. You play with “ball” etc.
In this way I taught lots of words to him.
  1. In the beginning instead of “you”(you are going to “brush”). We can use the child's name also
  2. If the targets are close to the day to day routine the child will benefit a lot. Please ask the child only during the time of action. Don't confuse the child with same target during the Table top activity time. Keep separate list for that.
  3. Give the list to other family members.

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