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Yes, We Are Different

AAKASH since it is difficult for you to accept the food taste and ambience of different restaurant, most of the time our car becomes the dining place. YES, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Even in the family albums the pictures will be shaky and we will all be single, since one of us has to manage you. YES, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

With lots of planning, we go for a movie and all the three of us end up roaming in the lobby. YES, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

I have now forgotten the days when myself and your daddy did purchasing together. If we take you to shopping mall/to shop, you find those places like maze and you start roaming around in search of something. Finally with all energy exhausted we decide to shop separately. YES, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

If somebody asks me about the new shopping place at the next street, my answer will be No. But I know all your favorites like park, KFC, Mc Donalds, Café Coffee day, Cuppa in every corner of the city. YES, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

When I gave you haircut, nail cut and feed food, because of your screaming people around me comment that I don’t know to manage you and this is not the way to bring up the child. And also they say I am treating you differently. YES BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Despite all the above I have to share another positive side of my life.

Because of you I learnt the meaning for “confidence”

Because of you I learnt the meaning for “patience”

Because of you I learnt the meaning for “Happiness”
(Yes whenever you cross a milestone, I realize that)

Because of you I learnt to drive car.

Because of you I am an avid book reader now.
(Reading happened in search of understanding about your difficulty)

Because of you I learnt to manage time

Because of you I developed “Out of Box thinking” skill

Because of your every second challenges , I am very active and now I am like a “GENIE”

I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

Never mind, I learnt a lot because of your difficulties. Thanks very much for being a good mentor to me.
Let’s learn and enjoy the world differently since you, me and dad are different.