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Calendar for my Son

 This is the calendar I am using to teach the concept of Months, days, dates and weeks to my son. I have found teaching time or date is very difficult. But thought will have to start somewhere and I got started.
Fig (1)
Here is a step by step way I had used to create the calendar.
Fig (2)
Fig (2) is the Base sheet. Following are the steps to prepare the Base sheet.
          1. I took four A4 size paper and laminated it.
          2. Then I joined the all the four laminated sheet into a base sheet with transparent cello tape.
          3. I put Velcro in seven places on the top of the base sheet to stick the days of the week.
          4. Then I drew square (7*5) with equal spacing and put Velcro on each square to stick the dates.

Fig (3)
Then I printed the month names and also laminated it. I cut the month pieces into individual Months and put Velcro on the back of the each month.
Fig (4)
Fig (4) shows days of the week cards. Similar to months, I prepared days of the week also. But put Velcro on both the sides.
Fig (5)
Fig (5) shows the some date cards. I prepared dates from 1 to31 the similar way as months and days of the week. Similar to days of the week cards I put Velcro on both the sides of the date cards.
In the Month beginning all the days of the week card and Date cards are flipped with written text not visible. So none of the printed text will be visible. And every week I reset the Days of the week card to flip it back.
I get our son to the calendar every morning and ask him to flip the day card to make it visible and ask him “what is the day today”? I expect the response or prompt him with the word itself to respond. Then I do the same for the dates and ask him “What is today’s date”?
The Blue pouch on the right hand size is to put the months which is not in use.
When the next month starts I adjust the date cards across all squares and we are ready for next month. As this activity involves some action from my son, he has slowly started understanding the concept. Also my husband uses the opportunity to inform, “Today is Monday. Monday, Daddy goes to office”. And on Sunday we say, “Today is Sunday. Let’s go bye bye”.
In future I have thought of introducing special cards for family member birthdays, festivals and occasions.

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