This BLOG will help you to find details about Indian Schools, Doctors, Hospitals, Speech Therapists and Trainers who are specialised to support kids with autism. Also you can find encouraging stories on parent's experience in grooming their kids with Autism.

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My journey with my son

1. Where it Starts. Click Here

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3. How I made my son speak through NurseryRhymes. Click Here

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5. Extend Stress-Pause-fill ups in the day to day routine. Click Here 

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8. ipad and my son. Click Here

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11.Calender for my son. Click Here

12.Learning not to ignore.Click Here

13.Sounds are important .Click Here

14.Picture to Picture Matching .Click Here

15. Using photos to improve the communication.Click Here

16. Schedules. Click Here 

17. Word to Picture and Picture to Word matching. Click Here

18. I Love R.O.C.K. Click Here

19. Go to Child’s level. Click Here

20. Magic Words according to me. Click Here

21. How my son leant to write. Click Here

22. Teaching Copying Skills using Pattern. Click Here

23. Learning Numbers. Click Here

24. How do I set Goals for my Son. Click Here